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Experience affordable, scalable technology that minimises human intervention, delivering high-quality data for cost reduction and lower carbon footprint. Our hands-free waste management solutions are designed to meet your goals efficiently, without the risk of early failures due to data integrity issues. 

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Waste Data Visualisation

Complimentary Waste Data Visualisation: Understand Your Environmental Impact

Submit your waste bill to access one complimentary visualisation of your waste data on our intelligent waste management platform. Tailor your waste strategies with data-backed decisions, enhancing operational effectiveness and reduce your carbon footprint.
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Who are we
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Our Story

At Shrunk Innovation Group, we are passionate about sustainability and waste reduction. Our journey began with a mission to create innovation with sustainability impact. Today, we offer a range of waste services from procurement, innovative technology solutions and advisory. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your waste generation and finding ways to reduce it before rolling out any solutions.

"Sometimes the best tech is no tech" - Shrunk

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Waste Monitoring & Management

Our waste management platform provides integrated, real-time visualisation and analytics to unify waste data from your devices and provide a single source of truth to satisfy your regulatory and corporate reporting (single building to portfolio level).  We work with you to implement sustainable waste management practices that save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Waste Technology

Our cutting-edge technology streamlines your waste management process, leveraging advanced analytics to optimise waste reduction. Our solutions offer a comprehensive approach to sustainable waste handling. Affordable, flexible and easily integrated solutions at your fingertips. Should the solution not already be in laboratories, we're ready to collaborate with you to create it.

Innovation Collection

Explore our waste technology catalogue at your leisure to see how we can help you enhance your waste management practices and reduce your environmental footprint.


Flexible, Connected, Scalable: The Ultimate Waste Management Solution

Improve your waste management with our automated bin flip sensors. The Shrunk Flippa sensors are ideal retrofit for validating invoices and auditing a sites waste disposal trends. You are able to remotely monitor the date and time of any bin that has our technology installed on them.


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  • Real-Time Monitoring: With our sensors, monitor the exact moment a bin is flipped, ensuring that waste disposal happens as scheduled.


  • Invoice Validation: No more overcharges or discrepancies in your waste disposal invoices. Our sensors provide accurate data that can be used to validate every charge on your invoice.

  • Audit-Ready Reports: Generate comprehensive reports detailing each bin flip, making it easier than ever to audit your site's waste disposal practices.

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Product Catalog
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Trusted By
Jack Jeffree
  Head of Sustainability Pacific- ISS Facility Services

"Shrunk Innovation Group is transforming the waste management  industry with technology that sets a new reliability standard, free from the post-rollout data quality issues that plague others.  "

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